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Electric Cables

Residential Electric Services for Reno, NV

The electric systems in your home or business can be dangerous if not installed or maintained properly. So rather than risk a shock or faulty wiring, rely on the team of electricians at Jolt Electric. With our experience in commercial and residential electric services in Reno, NV, you can feel confident that we can take care of your lighting and electrical needs.

What Our Services Include

We handle every aspect of electric, so no matter what you need, we’ll be there to help.


For new homes or electric upgrades, we can ensure that every wire and outlet is installed safely and effectively to provide light and electricity and keep you safe. We can also help you decide which fixtures, lighting, and outlets work best for your needs.

Repair and Maintenance

If your electric system is getting old or has been damaged, call a residential electrician from Jolt Electric today. We can repair the problem in no time and prevent any further danger or damage to your system. You can also rely on us for routine maintenance, which keeps your system in good shape and catches any potential problems before they become big repairs or hazards.

To get high-quality electric services for your home or business in Reno, NV, call us today at 775-315-7260.

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